HC Deb 12 June 1893 vol 13 cc781-2
SIR MARK STEWART (Kirkeudbright)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty if any Report has been received as to the circumstances under which the officers of H.M.S. Garnet, at Callao, were said to have instituted a rifle competition on Sunday, 19th June, 1892, at Lorenzo Island, and also to have taken a leading part in a regatta at Callao on Sunday, 26th June, 1892; whether it is in accordance with Article V. of the Naval Discipline Act to employ the men on Sundays in boat races or rifle matches; and if he will lay the Report upon the Table, and also state what steps the Naval Authorities propose taking for the prevention of such conduct in the future?


A Report has been received upon this subject from the Captain of the Garnet. From this it appeals that the officers of the Garnet did not institute the rifle competition, and that they were only spectators at the regatta. Moveover, the men were not employed as alleged. Article I. of the Naval Discipline Act does not apply to officers and men on leave, who are not interfered with unless anything disgraceful or improper is brought to the notice of the Authorities. Nothing of such a character seems to have occurred on the occasion in question, and the Admiralty do not propose to take any steps in the matter.