HC Deb 05 June 1893 vol 13 c196
Mr. P. J. O'BRIEN (Tipperary, N.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if he will have any objection to state the exact words of the Report received by him from the Colonel commanding the Leinster Regiment at Aldershot; and if he will cause direct inquiry to be made as to the truth of the allegation that, on an occasion prior to the 18th ultimo, the toast of "The Queen and no Home Rule" was proposed at the mess of the above regiment by a civilian guest, and responded to by all the officers present, including Major E. W. Murphy; and, if so, will any notice be taken of such conduct, having regard to the fact that the majority of the rank and file of the Leinster Regiment are Irishmen?


The officer commanding the Leinster Regiment at Aldershot stated that the alleged incident did not occur. What may have given rise to an exaggerated story is that on one recent occasion, when the toast of "The Queen" had been proposed and drunk, as those present were sitting down, a civilian guest made a remark as to "No Home Rule," but no notice was taken of it.