HC Deb 07 July 1893 vol 14 cc1056-7
MR. CROMBIE (Kincardineshire)

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether one portion of the sum of £60,000 set aside for Secondary Education in Scotland by the Act of 1892, is (by Clause 2, Section 1 (a) of that Act) to be devoted to defraying the cost of inspecting and examining secondary schools; whether, according to the Circular of 12th May, 1893, which allots only £57,000, the sum of £3,000 is held over for this purpose; and whether it is the intention of the Department to appoint fully qualified Inspectors who will adopt a uniform system of inspection and examination in secondary schools all over Scotland?


A certain portion of the amount allotted for secondary education is, by the Education and Local Taxation Account (Scotland) Act, 1892, assigned for higher inspection and the leaving certificate examination, and the amount so required was fixed in May, 1892, as £3,000. The system of inspection and examination is, as far as possible, uniform, due regard being had to local circumstances and requirements. Great care is taken in securing the services of fully qualified persons; but the inspection forms only a part of this work, the heaviest part being the leaving certificate examination, and until further experience is gained, it has not been deemed right to make permanent appointments, especially as, in consequence of the work being confined to about six weeks in the year, this would be attended with great difficulty and inconvenience to the schools.


Is the sum of £3,000 to be spent this year?


About £800 has been spent on inspection, and £1,400 or £1,500 on the leaving certificate examination.