HC Deb 07 February 1893 vol 8 cc666-7
MR. HANBURY (Preston)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War what rewards, pecuniary or otherwise, have been given, or will be given, to persons claiming to have made inventions in connection with the new magazine rifle; and at what date or dates a decision was arrived at as to granting such rewards?


I am informed that, as regards inventions not protected by patents, by a decision of the 12th of June, 1891,£1,000 was awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Holmes for his work in connection with long-range sights, and £5,00 to Lieutenant-Colonel Lewes, also for sights. On 14th of September, 1891, Mr. Metford was awarded £5,000 for his system of rifling, and £1,500 for his bullet. With reference to patented inventions, the British Magazine Rifle Company were awarded, on the 19th of April, 1892, a royalty of 2s. Per arm up to 500,000 arms. As stated by my predecessor, Mr. Rigby was refused a reward, against which decision he has appealed. On the 27th of April, 1892, Messrs. Greenwood and Batley were granted a royalty of 2s. 6d. per 1,000 on cartridges up to 100,000,000, as the ammunition infringed their patent. Messrs. Deeley and Penn have been offered £1,000 as owners of a patent affecting the covering of the bolt-head, but they have not yet agreed to accept that sum. No other rewards are in contemplation.

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