HC Deb 07 February 1893 vol 8 cc662-3
Dr. KENNY (Dublin, College Green)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade under what enactment does the Irish Light; Board act in maintaining two steam yachts for the ostensible purpose of inspecting the lighthouses, beacons, and buoys on the coasts of Ireland; how often, and at what season of the year does the inspection take place; how many persons take part in the inspection, and whether they include any persons specially fitted by their business, profession, or experience for the work; and how much, on an average, each trip costs?


By the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, the management of all lighthouses, buoys, and beacons in Ireland, and the adjacent seas and islands, was vested in a body constituted by an Act of the Irish Parliament passed more than 100 years ago, and now styled the Commissioners of Irish Lights. This management cannot be adequately carried out without the steam vessels referred to in the hon. Member's question. They are employed at all seasons of the year in the numerous and various duties of the lighthouse service, of which inspection is but one. I have asked the Commissioners to supply the details desired by the hon. Member, and will send him the result when received.

MR. MACARTNEY (Antrim, S.)

I wish to ask whether any complaint has ever reached the Board of Trade either that the inspections were defective or that the persons engaged in carrying them out were incapable of performing the duty?


I think I ought to have notice of that question.


Is it not a fact that the trips have been in the nature of mere pleasure trips?

[No answer was returned.]