HC Deb 28 December 1893 vol 20 c328
MR. CLANCY (Dublin Co., N.)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General if it is a fact that the Second Division clerks of the Secretary's Office, General Post Office, Dublin, have presented several Memorials since the year 1890 to the head of their Department praying for an improvement in their position, to which no reply has been given; whether the subject of these Memorials has been considered, and what is the cause of the great delay in replying; whether the work in the Secretary's Department, General Post Office, Dublin, has considerably increased during the past six years, and whether it is a fact that during that period no addition has been made to the staff; whether the Second Division clerks in the Secretary's Office, General Post Office, London, have recently been placed on an improved scale of salary with enhanced prospects; whether the Second Division clerks in the Dublin Secretary's Office perform duties of an I analogous and a superior character to those performed by the Loudon clerks heretofore classed as Second Division; and whether it is intended to apply the London scheme to the Dublin Secretary's Office?


The Second Division clerks in the Secretary's Office of the Dublin Post Office form part of a classification which is not particular to the Post Office, but is common to the whole of the Civil Service. The whole question of the status and scales of salary of the Second Division clerks was carefully considered and settled by Order in Council about three years ago, and I have no power to alter them. The Memorials in question have been received, and now that the revision in the Secretary's Office in London has been settled, I hope to be able shortly to deal with the corresponding Office in Dublin.