HC Deb 22 December 1893 vol 20 c198

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate what steps are being taken to obtain the payment of the first instalment of the advances made to the Killarney Settlement of Crofters, who, according to the Report of the Colonisation Board, are prospering, and which was due in September, 1892; whether he can state the total amount advanced and the total amount due and unpaid; and whether it is proposed to arrange for any emigration in the spring of 1894?


The total amount of advances is approximately £12,050, none of which have practically been repaid. The agent of the Colonisation Board has been directed, if necessary, to take proceedings to recover the advances, but in connection with the Report recently received from Sir Charles Tupper, I am considering the desirability or otherwise of granting an extension of time for repayment. Having regard to what I have previously stated in this House, it is not at present proposed to carry out a further scheme of colonisation.