HC Deb 21 December 1893 vol 20 cc80-1

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, if, since the agitation of the Royal Irish Constabulary pensioners about the force fund, different and less convenient arrangements as to paying these pensions have been made; and was the former plan that of making payment at the nearest barrack, whereas in some instances old men have now to travel to the county town, often a long distance from their homes?

MR. BRYCE (for Mr. J. Morley)

It appears to be the fact that the facilities heretofore given to pensioners in the matter of the payment of pensions have recently to some extent been curtailed, but this, lam informed, has been brought about by a provision of the Annual Appropriation Act, under which the Treasury have required that each Constabulary pensioner shall make a declaration of identity and of his title to receive the pension, and in many cases officers have considered themselves obliged to require the personal attendance of pensioners in order to take their declarations. The subject has already been brought under notice, and the Government are now considering the desirability of reverting to the former arrangement. It would still be necessary, however, for pensioners to make the required declarations before either Magistrates or clergymen.