HC Deb 24 August 1893 vol 16 cc948-9

I beg to ask the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs whether he has seen, in the The Sydney Daily Telegraph of 6th July, a further statement of Captain Carpenter, of the Costa Rica Packet relative to the losses, privations, and indignities to which he was subjected during his unwarrantable seizure and detention by the Dutch authorities of the Moluccas; whether he has observed the allegation of Captain Carpenter, that the £2,500 suggested by the Foreign Office to the Dutch Government as personal compensation under the circumstances would be more than swallowed up by the expenses he has incurred, and the losses consequent on the disarrangement of his affairs; whether the Foreign Office will re consider Captain Carpenter's case in the light of this additional communication; and whether any decision has yet been arrived as in the matter of the claim of the owners and crew of the Costa Rica Packet for compensation from the Dutch Government for the loss of a whaling season, occasioned by the arrest and imprisonment of Captain Carpenter?


I have seen the statement referred to; but, apart from the impossibility of founding claims upon a statement in the newspapers, we could not in reason have pressed for the amount demanded—namely, £10,000, as compensation for loss entailed upon Captain Carpenter personally by a detention of a few weeks. A further point as regards the claims of the owners and crew has been submitted for the consideration of the Law Officers, and is still being considered; but no new decision has been come to.