HC Deb 22 August 1893 vol 16 cc754-5

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Depart-men whether he is aware that at the meeting of the Cardiganshire Joint Standing Committee, held on August 10, at Aberayron, his letter to the Chief Constable, pointing out that the County Court Bailiff was insufficiently protected on May 5, was not mentioned by the Chief Constable in his Report, and only produced on the demand of the Chairman of Quarter Sessions; that the Chairman of Quarter Sessions proposed the two motions to the effect that the Chief Constable be ordered in all cases where the police were engaged in protecting the Sheriff's officer when carrying out the orders of any Court to employ such number of constables as may be necessary to ensure the proper protection of the Sheriff's officers, and the due execution of such orders; and that any existing orders or instructions of the Committee to the Chief Constable in any way repugnant to this order be rescinded, but they were lost by the votes of the representatives of the County Council, every Justice voting for them; whether he is aware that two of these County Councillors are also members of the Anti-tithe Committee; and whether he now intends to take any steps to get the intention of his letter carried out, and the law enforced; and, if so, if he will state what steps?


I regret to have to inform the hon. Member that though I am in communication with the Chairman of Quarter Sessions on the subject of his question, I am not yet in possession of sufficient information to enable me to give him an answer. Perhaps the hon. Member will postpone his question.