HC Deb 17 August 1893 vol 16 cc424-5
MR. MAC NEILL (Donegal, S.)

I beg to ask the First Commissioner of Works whether he has acted upon his promise to communicate with the Lords with a view to the use of their Dining Rooms by Members of this House; and whether, as the House of Lords has adjourned for some weeks, he can see his way to effect this arrangement, and thus to relieve the Members of the House of Commons from the heat and inconvenience arising from the over-crowded state of their Dining Rooms?

MR. W. JOHNSTON (Belfast, S.)

Before the right hon. Gentleman answers that question, may I ask whether, instead of holding a House of Commons picnic in the House of Lords, it would not be better for the convenience of Members to suggest to the Prime Minister the withdrawal of the Home Rule Bill?


I have been in communication with the House of Lords on the subject of the hon. Member's question in accordance with my undertaking to the House, but with no result. In my letter on the subject to the Lord Great Chamberlain, I suggested that even if their Lordships were unable to concede concurrent use of their Dining Rooms to Members of this House it would be a sensible relief to them from the inconvenience they now suffer if they should be allowed the use of the Lords' Dining Rooms when the House is not sitting or has adjourned. I have received a reply from the Committee of the Lords, to whom the matter was referred, expressing their regret that they cannot comply with my request. I do not think I can carry the matter further; but I would suggest to hon. Members opposite, whose influence with the Lords is much greater than that of the Government, whether they cannot exert that influence for the purpose of inducing the Lords to make some overture in respect of the numerous occasions when in consequence of early adjournments they make no use of their Dining Rooms?


Will the right hon. Gentleman use his great influence with the Leader of the Opposition to induce him to ask the Lords to drop this "Lord-in-the-Manger" policy?