HC Deb 10 August 1893 vol 15 cc1746-7
MR. KEARLEY (Devonport)

I beg to ask the Civil Lord of the Admiralty whether there are any reasons why the wives of petty officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, residing at the Naval ports, should be compelled to attend the dockyards at a specified hour and day in order to draw the allotments left for their support by their husbands, whilst on foreign stations, with the Admiralty; whether he is aware of the disadvantages and evil results that have been experienced through the enforcement of this system; also the inconvenience and expense occasioned to those who have young children, by reason of the necessity of making some provision for their care whilst absent; and whether, viewing these circumstances, the Admiralty will concede to those residing in these localities the privilege of cashing allotments at local post offices, as is enjoyed by the wives of those petty officers and seamen who are resident in parts of the country other than those referred to?


I shall be obliged if the hon. Member will allow this question to stand over for a time. I am inquiring into the matter.