HC Deb 27 April 1893 vol 11 c1371

1. Resolved, That, towards raising the Supply granted to Her Majesty, there shall be charged, collected, and paid for the year which commenced on the sixth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three, in respect of all Property, Profits, and Gains mentioned or described as chargeable in "The Income Tax Act, 1853," the following Duties of Income Tax (that is to say)—

Subject to the provisions contained in section one hundred and sixty-three of "The Income Tax Act, 1842," for the exemption, of persons whose income is less than One Hundred and Fifty Pounds, and in section eight of "The Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1876," for the relief of persons whose income is less than Four Hundred Pounds.—(Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer.)

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