HC Deb 21 April 1893 vol 11 cc897-8

I beg to ask the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education if he has considered the passage in the last Report (page 34) of the Charity Commissioners, in which they express a hope, in view of the practical difficulties which are encountered in discriminating between technical and secondary education, in connection with the action of County Councils, and of the growing opinion that a sound secondary education is the necessary basis of technical instruction, that some amendment of the Technical Instruction Acts may forthwith be adopted which shall place the rest of England on the same footing, at least as regards the application of local funds to secondary education, as the Principality of Wales and the County of Monmouth; whether he is aware that similar views were expressed in the two previous Reports of the Commissioners; and if the Government will assist the promoters of the Secondary Education (England) Bill to obtain an opportunity for the consideration of that measure by a Select Committee of this House, or if the Government will themselves introduce legislation of a similar kind?


I am aware of the passages in the Reports of the Charity Commissioners which are mentioned in the hon. Member's question I entirely agree that it would be a great advantage to England if the same opportunities could be provided as in Wales for the systematic organisation of secondary education. I have stated in the House that the Government are willing that the Secondary Education (England) Bill shall be referred to a Select Committee. It is not probable at present that the Government will introduce legislation on the subject.