HC Deb 20 April 1893 vol 11 cc783-4

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether it has come to the knowledge of the Local Government Board that the contract for the supply of fresh meat to the Dunshauglin Union was voted by a majority of five to the Dunsany Co-operative Stores by the Board of Guardians on the 11th instant, and that a number of the Guardians exceeding the majority who voted in favour of the Dunsany Store tender were shareholders in that concern; whether it is legal for Guardians to vote Contracts to concerns in which they have financial interests; and whether the Local Government Board will take steps to rescind the Contract, or take any, and if so what, action in the matter?


A complaint has been made to the Local Government Board that some of the Guardians who voted on the occasion in favour of the acceptance of the tender of the Co-operative Stores were interested in the con- cern. The matter has been brought under the notice of the Board of Guardians, and a full meeting of that body has been summoned to consider the question. The Local Government Board have no power to rescind a Contract on the grounds stated, the matter being one for the consideration of the Guardians; but if the facts are as alleged, the Board will draw the attention of the Guardians to the statutory penalties to which members concerned in Union Contracts are liable, and it will be then open to any person aggrieved or to the Local Government Board, if they should think fit, to sue for these penalties.


Has there been any change of sentiment on the part of the Local Government Board officials recently? I remember that the Dungarvan Board of Guardians was dissolved by reason of its action over a bread contract.


was understood to say that the sentiments of the Board had only undergone the change which might be expected from the change of Government.