HC Deb 20 April 1893 vol 11 c766

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that works now being carried on in preparation for artillery practice at Harry have excited apprehensions that free access to the foreshore, and the safety of yachtsmen and boatmen in the bay, may be jeopardised; whether, by the law of Scotland, certain rights in the foreshore and in the sea, ex adverso, of Harry Links are vested in the Crown in trust for behoof the public at large; and whether it is the intention of the War Department to regulate the shooting practice on Barry Links so as not to imperil the lives of the lieges in the enjoyment of their immemorial rights?


A protest has been received from the Police Commissioners of Carnoustie on the ground that the foreshore is much used for recreation by visitors, and that its use will be interfered with by the artillery practice which it, is proposed to carry on. In 1891 the foreshore was purchased by the War Department. What rights the public had, and how far such rights continue to exist, is a legal question which I am referring to the Law Officers of the Crown. If it, is found that the public have rights, bye-laws for their protection will, of course, become necessary.