HC Deb 17 April 1893 vol 11 cc425-6

My Lord Mayor of Dublin, what have you there?


The humble Petition of the Municipal Corporation of the City of Dublin, a Council largely composed of merchants and traders, representing all classes of the inhabitants of the chief City of Ireland, and therefore largely interested in the peace, prosperity, and good government of the country. The Petition points out that, in the opinion of the Council, the concession to Ireland of the right of managing her own affairs by a generous measure of Home Rule would largely contribute to the peace and contentment of the country, and would also result in increased prosperity and in cordial union between the people of Great Britain and Ireland. The Petition also sets forth that, while during the past century the population of Ireland alone amongst the nations of Europe has decreased and its material condition has retrograded, that of Great Britain has enormously increased; and, in the opinion of this Council, the causes which have contributed to make Ireland poor should be duly considered in passing the Home Rule Bill. Your Petitioners, therefore, pray your honourable House to pass the Bill to amend the provision for the Government of Ireland into law; and, further, that in passing the said Bill your honourable House will secure that the future Irish Exchequer shall be placed from the commencement in a sound financial condition, and that accordingly, in adjusting the financial relations between the two countries, their relative condition as to material prosperity, and the causes which have left Ireland in a state of poverty while Great Britain has advanced so enormously in wealth, shall be considered, and that care shall be taken that Ireland shall at least not be required to contribute to the Imperial Revenue more than her strictly fair share, having due regard to her taxual capacity, thereby insuring that the Act shall form a permanent foundation for the future peace and prosperity of both nations.

Petition ordered to lie upon the Table.

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