HC Deb 14 April 1893 vol 11 c334
MR. CHAPLIN (Lincolnshire, Sleaford)

I hope the House will allow me to redeem the pledge which I gave the House yesterday, when I said that I would supply the right hon. Gentleman with full references to the quotations I then used in the course of my speech.


You can do it privately.


The quotation from Count Cavour was taken from a work, of which he was the author, entitled Thoughts on Ireland; its Present and its Future, translated and afterwards published in this country by Trübuer & Co., Paternoster Row, in 1868. The quotation from Monsieur De Molinari was taken from some letters which first appeared in the Journal des Debuts, and were embodied in a work called L'Irelande et Canada, of which he was the author, and which was published in 1881. This writer, who was a distinguished economist and the author of many other works, was also the founder of a Belgian newspaper called L'Economiste Belge, and he was also at one time, I believe, the editor of the Journal des Debats. The quotation from Dr. Geffeken will be found in a book, of which he was the author, called The British Empire, with Essays on Prince Albert, Lord Palmerston, Lord Beaconsfield, and Mr. Gladstone, translated from the German, and published by Sampson Low & Co. in 1889. Dr. Geffcken, who is, I believe, a German by birth and nationality, is also the author of a work on Church and State' I shall be happy to supply copies to the right hon. Gentleman.