HC Deb 30 May 1892 vol 5 c224

Perhaps the right hon. Gentleman the First Lord of the Treasury would be good enough to answer a question I wish to put to him as to the proceedings after Whitsuntide. As I am one of the unfortunate Members who have their Motions put off until after Whitsuntide, I should be glad if he would say whether the Government propose to take the whole of the time of the House after Whitsuntide? It would at least put us out of our misery if he would be good enough to say whether he proposes to take the full time of the House after Whitsuntide?


I do not like to give a specific answer to a question of this sort. I can only say now, and I think it is not impossible, that I shall have to ask for further facilities after Whitsuntide, as Governments have been obliged to ask for such facilities on previous occasions. My own experience is that private Members' chances after Whitsuntide are very doubtful and dubious.