HC Deb 19 May 1892 vol 4 c1308

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury when, in view of the unusual arrear in which Supply now is, he proposes to enable the House to discharge its function of reviewing the conduct of the administrative departments by regular opportunities of considering the Estimates? And I hope he will allow me to remind him of what he said in the discussion on the subject on the 12th March as to the importance of discussions of this kind.


I am conscious of the advantage to which the hon. Gentleman refers, but I think it is inconvenient to interpose a discussion on the Estimates in the middle of a continuous debate upon legislation. When we have completed the stage of the more advanced Bills with which this House is now concerned we may proceed with Supply, and the hon. Gentleman will be able to discuss anything he desires.

MR. DALZIEL (Kirkcaldy, &c.)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether the House will adjourn for the Whitsuntide Recess before or after Derby Day?


It is somewhat early to ask that question yet. If the hon. Member will put a question to me next week I shall be able to give him an answer. Perhaps it may be for the convenience of the House if I state that to-morrow the House will meet at a quarter past ten for the purpose of receiving the Royal Assent to various Bills that have been passed. I also give notice that to-morrow I shall move that until the conclusion of the Clergy Discipline (Immorality) Bill, the Standing Committee on Law have leave to sit every day during the Sitting, notwithstanding any adjournment of the House.

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