HC Deb 05 May 1892 vol 4 cc186-7
DR. CLARK (Caithness)

I beg to ask the Financial Secretary, War Department, whether it is the case that the barrack accommodation in Edinburgh and Leith is very unsatisfactory, and that, in consequence, the Royal Artillery Depôt at Leith is to be moved to Montrose; and whether it is the intention of the Government to spend any of the money under the Barrack Act in increasing the Barracks at Edinburgh and Leith; and, if not, why they are not doing so?


The Royal Artillery Depôt at Leith is to be moved to Montrose in order to be in closer touch with the Militia, and not on account of the condition of the Barracks at Leith. The Barracks at Edinburgh are of an old type, but by intended re-appropriation after the removal of the Ordnance stores to another station, better accommodation will be obtained. Money obtained under the Barrack Act will not be expended on the Leith or Edinburgh Barracks, as it is more urgently required at other stations.


Is it intended to rebuild some part of the Barracks?

MR. BUCHANAN (Edinburgh, W.)

Are the Barracks at present insufficient in their accommodation?


There will be more accommodation when the Ordnance stores are removed.