HC Deb 02 May 1892 vol 3 cc1773-4
MR. CRAWFORD (Lanark, N.E.)

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate if he will give the names of the burgh schools, endowed schools, and private schools referred to in the Memorandum on the proposed grant for higher education in Scotland, and mention the counties in which they are situated? I would also ask him whether he will supply copies of the Memorandum to those hon. Members who have not been furnished with them?


In reply to the last part of the question I may say that I was unaware that the copies of the Memorandum had not been supplied to all the hon. Members who required them. In reply to the first part of the question I think the hon. Member will find the information he requires in that with which I have already provided him.

MR. BUCHANAN (Edinburgh, W.)

It would be impossible to properly discuss the Bill to-night unless we had this information. I would ask the right hon. Gentleman how many burgh schools, endowed schools, and private schools are referred to in the Memorandum?


The information I have supplied contains all that the hon. Gentleman requires.


I hope we shall be furnished with this information before we discuss the question.

* SIR C. J. PEARSON (later)

I am now in a position to answer the question. I will not read the names of the burgh schools, but will give the endowed schools and private schools. The endowed schools are: In Aberdeen, the Robert Gordon College; in Ayr, Beith Spiers School; in Clackmannan, the Dollar Institution; in Edinburgh, Daniel Stewart's College, George Watson's Boys, George Watson's Ladies, Ladies' College, Heriot's Hospital School, and Fettes College; in Fife, Anstruther Waid Academy, Cupar Bell Baxter School, and St. Andrew's Madras College; in Inverness, Inverness Royal Academy; in Lanark, Allan Glen's School, Hutcheson's Girls' Grammar School, and Hutcheson's Boys' Grammar School; in Nairn, Rose's Academical Institution; in Perth, Crieff Morrison's Academy, Perth Sharp's Educational Institution; in Ross, Tain Royal Academy; in Wigton, Newton Stewart Ewart Institution, High School for Boys and Girls. The private schools are: Edinburgh Academy, Edinburgh Institution, Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, St. George's High School for Girls, Dundee High School, Glasgow Academy, Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow Park Girls' School, and Polmont Blair Lodge School.