HC Deb 31 March 1892 vol 3 cc365-6
MR. MACNEILL (Donegal, S.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether the attention of the Secretary of State for India has been directed to a telegram forwarded to the Governor of Madras by a large meeting of the inhabitants of Salem, in which it is stated that the crops are entirely withered; that there is scarcity of water even for drinking purposes; that severest measures are taken by Local Authorities for collecting revenue; and that the meeting prayed that collection of revenue might be postponed under the present circumstances; and whether the Secretary of State for India will give immediate directions for the postponement of the collection of revenue in this famine-stricken district?


The Secretary of State has not seen the telegram described in the question. The Governor of Madras telegraphed yesterday on the subject as follows:— Drinking water scarce in Salem town and Taluq, but every possible means taken to alleviate. Current year's expenditure from local Municipal Funds for improving water supply Rs. 2,600 Salem town, Rs. 19,120 Salem district, excluding Rs. 126,000 well loans, advanced for 680 wells constructed or in progress. Collector strenuously denies pressure of revenue collection. Half Ryotwari demand, about seven lacs, postponed till next financial year. Heavy remission on irrigated land will be given at the next annual assessment of the revenue demand. In view of this statement and of the telegrams of July and September last regarding the liberal suspension of land revenue, which I quoted in the Debate raised by the hon. Member on the scarcity in India, the Secretary of State does not see any necessity for issuing further instructions in the matter.