HC Deb 31 March 1892 vol 3 c353
ADMIRAL FIELD (Sussex, Eastbourne)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General if he will explain why Mr. Perring, late surveyor of the South East District, who has been discharging the duties of that office up to the 21st instant, has been called upon by the Treasury to refund the difference between the full pay of surveyor and his present retired pay from the 1st January, 1892, to 21st March; and whether, as Postmaster General, he will see that this public servant is not thus deprived of his rights as to pay whilst acting under the orders of the Department he was bound to obey until superseded?


This officer, who had received notice that he would be retired on the 1st January, 1892, appealed to the Treasury against his retirement just before the end of the year. His appeal was not supported by me, as there was no exceptional circumstances in his case. As he was allowed to continue on duty pending the decision on his appeal, the question of his pay during that period is under consideration.