HC Deb 31 March 1892 vol 3 c343
MR. COBB (Warwick, S.B., Rugby)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether in any and what cases under "The Public Health Act, 1875," "The Local Government Act, 1888," or "The Allotments Act, 1887," a Local Authority has power to borrow money upon the rates of a larger area, such as a County or a Sanitary Authority, for the purchase of land or other purposes affecting a smaller area, such as a parish or contributory place, and to allocate the repayment of any instalments or balance of any such loan by charging the rates of such smaller area?


The only cases of the class referred to appear to be those where moneys required to defray private improvement expenses or to execute works, for the purpose of which the Local Authority, under the Public Health Act, 1875, have divided their district, are borrowed on the security of the district fund and general district rate of the whole district, and when a County Council borrows on the security of the county fund for a purpose the expense of which must ultimately be borne as a special expense.