HC Deb 24 March 1892 vol 2 c1685
SIR J. KENNAWAY (Devon, Honiton)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State of War whether the Rev. R. F. M'Leod has, in consequence of having inadvertently written a letter to the Broad Arrow reflecting on the Chaplain General's treatment of old Army chaplains, been forced to resign his commission, and forfeit the privileges of eleven years' service; whether the Governor of Malta, in forwarding his resignation, strongly recommended that it should not be accepted, on the grounds of Mr. M'Leod's zeal and efficiency in the discharge of his duties; whether Mr. M'Leod has been refused an appeal for a Court Martial or Court of Inquiry to investigate his statement and offence; whether he is entitled to this as a matter of right; and, whether, under the circumstances, if not reinstated, a pension will be granted to Mr. M'Leod for his past services?


The Rev. Mr. M'Leod, Army chaplain, published a letter to the prejudice of discipline, making charges which he signally failed to substantiate. He was called upon to resign his commission; and in view of the offence committed, I cannot allow the withdrawal of his resignation. Having resigned, Mr. M'Leod is not entitled to a Court Martial, and his service is too short to entitle him to retired pay.