HC Deb 16 June 1892 vol 5 c1269
MR. WEBB (Waterford, W.)

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland if he will explain how it happened that, although a circular dated 1st March, 1892, was by the Irish Land Commissioners issued to the purchasers of land, informing them that they could have their purchases registered gratis under the Local Registration of Title Act, 1891, and designating the Clerks of the Crown and Peace for counties as the proper persons to apply to for registration purposes, a number of proprietors in the County of Waterford, on applying to Mr. Dennehy, the Clerk of the Crown and Peace for the County and City of Waterford, were informed that he had nothing to do with the matter, and directed them to Mr. McCoy, solicitor, Waterford, the local Registrar, who informed them his fee in each case would be £2, even if the farm consisted of only five acres; are the intentions of the Act correctly indicated in the circular or in the replies of Mr. Dennehy and Mr. McCoy; and will the Land Commission be directed to issue clearer information concerning the exact intentions of the Act, or if the circular is correct will officials be requested to throw no unnecessary discouragement in the way of persons availing themselves of the provisions of the same?


It is expressly provided by the Local Registration of Title Act that a tenant purchaser shall be entitled to registration within one year without charge for office fees. I will communicate with the local Registrar, for I cannot help thinking there must be some mistake as to the facts. Of course, if the tenant purchaser finds it necessary to employ a solicitor, that would not be covered by the provisions of the Act. I am extremely anxious to facilitate registration in every possible way under the Act. I am in communication with the Land Commission and others, and no effort will be spared to influence Local Bodies in facilitating the application of the Act. A large number of tenant purchasers have taken advantage of it, and I hope it may be possible to simplify the procedure to make registration more accessible than it is at present.