HC Deb 13 June 1892 vol 5 cc993-4

10. £46,236, to complete the sum for Law Charges and Criminal Prosecutions, Ireland.

11. £78,609, to complete the sum for Supreme Court of Judicature and other Legal Departments in Ireland.

12. £44,000, to complete the sum for Irish Land Commission.

13. £86,325, to complete the sum for County Court Officers, &c, Ireland.


There is, perhaps, no object in worrying the Government, because we shall have a better way of dealing with them before long. But I should like to call attention to a recent prosecution which was conducted before a Resident Magistrate named Byrne at Macroom. This man was absolutely kicked out of a common lodging house in Cork for improper conduct, and yet we find him sitting on the Bench and convicting two respectable gentlemen of taking drink in an hotel after hours. These gentlemen had gone to the hotel to see two friends from Cork who were staying there. It turned out subsequently that the two gentlemen were teetotalers, and had never had anything to drink in their lives, and the prosecution was cancelled, but I think it is most objectionable that they should have been left to the magisterial care of a man of the disreputable character of this Magistrate.

Vote agreed to.

14. £66,767, to complete the sum for Dublin Metropolitan Police.

15. £832,655, to complete the sum for Constabulary, Ireland.


I may mention in connection with the prosecution to which I referred just now, that the head constable at Macroom has been a kind of agent provocateur in connection with the whole business. Night after night he has been spying about, and this prosecution was the result of his watching. I have before raised the question in regard to the same constable, and I hope the Government will see their way to remove him to some other place, where he will not be such a centre of local disturbance.

Vote agreed to.

16. £87,018, to complete the sum for Prisons, Ireland.

17. £56,457, to complete the sum for Reformatory and Industrial Schools, Ireland.

18. £4,044, to complete the sum for Dundrum Criminal Lunatic Asylum.

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