HC Deb 12 April 1892 vol 3 cc1247-8

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether the Board of Works are yet in a position to furnish the Kinsale Town and Harbour Authorities with full details of the expenditure on the Kinsale Pier and works; whether the Board will state why the contractor, who originally contracted to perform the work, was released from the contract; and what amount, if any, has been charged against the Town and Harbour Commissioners owing to the non-performance of the first contract?


As I stated on the 25th February, I am informed that the Board of Works have not refused any information to the Local Authorities. No loss was caused by the first contractor's failure to carry out his contract, except to himself.


I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether he is aware that the refusal of the Board to grant the Provisional Order sought by the Kinsale Town and Harbour Commissioners will result in compelling the Commissioners to strike an increased rate of 2s. in the £1 for many years to come; and is he aware that many of the principal ob- jectors to the Order have now abandoned their opposition to it; and, if so, will he undertake to re-consider the matter?


As I have already stated, in reply to the hon. Member for North Cork, I am fully aware of the circumstances in which the application for the Kinsale Provisional Order was made. No intimation has been made to the Board of Trade by any objector to the Order that his opposition has been withdrawn. I have directed a public local inquiry to be held at Kinsale by one of my officers on the 21st instant, when the objectors, and all those interested in the proposed increase of harbour dues, will have an opportunity of expressing, their views.