HC Deb 11 April 1892 vol 3 cc1128-9
MR. GOURLEY (Sunderland)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty if a reply has been sent to the letter of the Comptroller General, dated 31st December last, re the "establishment" of stores at Sierra Leone and elsewhere; and whether he can give the House an assurance that such losses as have occurred at Sierra Leone will not be permitted in any of the victualling yards, by supplying them according to a fixed "establishment," without reference to "issues," seeing that £1,100 of stores sent to Sierra Leone have been condemned, on return in June, 1890, as only worth £105, and regarding which the Comptroller adds that Other condemnations of victualling stores returned from the same yard may be expected to be found in later accounts of the Royal Victoria Yard.


The letter referred to by the hon. Member for Sunderland has been answered. Stores at depôts are fixed on an "establishment" based on the estimated demands. This "establishment" has to be varied from time to time, and reductions were found possible at Sierra, Leone, which accounts for an unusual amount of depreciation on the stores returned to this country. The condemnations and losses on account of victualling stores from all sources in the year 1890 barely exceeded ½ per cent. on the value of stocks in the depôts and on board ship, and this small loss on perishable stores exposed in trying climates is a satisfactory testimony to the care exercised as regards the extent of stock and its custody.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say anything about the figures?


Perhaps the hon. Member will repeat the question to the Financial Secretary.


I will repeat it.