HC Deb 07 April 1892 vol 3 cc826-7

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will state how many individuals paid Income Tax in Great Britain in the financial year 1890–91; how many of these individuals paid upon incomes amounting to exactly £400 and under that sum; the total Income Tax receipts for 1890–91; and the total amount contributed by individuals with incomes of £400 and under?


I am afraid that I have no means of giving the information as desired. Under Schedules A and B of the Income Tax the only record is of the number of properties assessed and not of the individuals. Again, under Schedule C, the tax on which is chiefly assessed on bank dividends, there is no record of individuals; and under Schedule D each company assessed only counts as one assessment, although it may represent thousands of shareholders. There is a record, however, under "trades and professions," forming a section only of Schedule D, and also under Schedule E. The number of persons (thus limited) with incomes under £400 a year who were charged to Income Tax in 1889–90 was 554,527. The figures for 1890–91 are not yet available. The duty charged or assessed on such persons was £1,183,343, but this would be subject to some rebate for repayments in respect of life assurance and over-assessments. In 1890–91 the Income Tax yield was as follows:—Total net receipts, £13,143,932; total Exchequer produce, £13,250,000.