HC Deb 07 April 1892 vol 3 c880

I beg to ask the Attorney General when he will be in a position to state whether the increased grant for the Chicago Exhibition has been sanctioned; and, in that event, what portion of it will be devoted to Ireland? The hon. Baronet also asked the Attorney General if he will state whether inquiries have been made in Ireland with a view to obtaining evidence of the desire of Irish exhibitors to be separately represented at the Chicago Exhibition; and, if so, what has been the result of these inquiries; and if the Government will consent to hand over Ireland's proportion of the grant allowed for the expenses of the Chicago Exhibition Commission to a committee of Irishmen, who will be accepted by the Irish public as representative of Irish industry, and who will be empowered to take whatever steps may be necessary for the separate representation of Irish industry at the World's Fair?


I am not yet in a position to state whether an increased grant has been sanctioned for the Chicago Exhibition. I have already informed the hon. Baronet that the Commission are consulting Irish exhibitors as to the best method of dealing with their exhibits at the Exhibition. The Commission have no power, and certainly would not be entitled, to hand over any portion of the grant to a committee, as suggested by the hon. Baronet's last question.