HC Deb 07 April 1892 vol 3 c836
MR. J. KELLY (Camberwell, N.)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether certain candidates who failed to obtain places amongst those who were declared successful in the open competitive examination held in November last for nine Civil Service clerkships, Class 1, have since been offered and have accepted appointments in this same class; if so, what is the number of such unsuccessful candidates who have been given such appointments; what proportion of the total marks obtainable were respectively secured by such unsuccessful candidates; and what proportion did the number of the candidates in the competitive examination bear to that of the clerkships which have now been filled up?


It is inaccurate to describe the candidates in question as unsuccessful, because the regulations specifically provide for the offer of subsequent vacancies to candidates remaining on the list if fully qualified. Three such vacancies have occurred and have been filled. It is not possible to state the total number of marks obtainable; but the three candidates alluded to gained 1,674, 1,545, and 1,456 marks respectively. The total number of competitors was 26, and the number who have received appointments is 12.