HC Deb 28 May 1891 vol 353 cc1195-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with reference to the disastrous floods in Shore Street, Weaver Street, and Millwater Street, in the City of Belfast, in the year 1888, and also in 1889, caused by encroachments and obstructions in the course of the Mill water River within the city boundary, and the statement of the Town Clerk of Belfast, amounting to the announcement that unless the Corporation own property in the district affected, it cannot take any steps to prevent parties encroaching upon or altering the courses of streams or rivers within the city boundary, and in flooding the houses of the inhabitants, to the danger of life and destruction of property; who the parties are to whom, as the Corporation state, they have "made representations"; and who, as stated by the Town Clerk, have "agreed to remove the cause of complaint"; what is the nature of the works stipulated or agreed to be done for this purpose; and, when such agreement was entered into, and at what date it is to be carried out and completed?


The Town Clerk of Belfast reports that the parties to whom the Corporation recently made representations on the subject mentioned were Messrs. John Thompson, Robert J. McConnell, and William H. McLoughlin, the owners of the property adjoining the altered portion of the watercourse. The Corporation are informed that these owners, with others who are interested in the water rights, have agreed with a contractor to carry out works consisting of a widened and improved channel for the water course, with side walls and pitched foundation and slopes. The Corporation do not know the date of the agreement; but have been informed that the works will be completed in about three months.