HC Deb 15 May 1891 vol 353 cc776-7
MR. T. ELLIS (Merionethshire)

In the absence of the hon. Member for the Penrith Division, I beg to ask the Vice President of the Council for Education whether the Report of the Charity Commissioners on the Charitable Endowments of Denbighshire, which was promised for presentation soon after 30th April of last year, and the Return for which was ordered by this House on 8th December, 1890, is ready for publication; and, if not, how soon it may be expected; whether he can state from what County Councils in Wales requests for similar Reports for their counties have been received by the Charity Commissioners; and whether such requests have been, or are about to be, granted?


The hon. Member will find in the 8th paragraph of the Report of the Charity Commissioners to the Queen for the year 1890 a statement as to the progress of the inquiry into the charities of Denbighshire, to which his questions refer. In that paragraph he will find it stated that it was not until last July that the Commissioners received the MS. of the whole of the Reports of their Assistant Commissioner on the 64 parishes embraced in this inquiry. These 64 Reports having been carefully revised, and the information contained in them brought down to an uniform date (the 31st December, 1890), they were all presented to the House early in the course of the present year, and they are now, by order of the House, being printed for distribution. It is expected that the final printing of all the Reports will be completed, and the Reports available for the use of hon. Members, early in June. The Charity Commissioners have received applications from the County Councils of three counties in Wales, namely, Anglesea, Flint, and Merioneth, for similar inquiries into, and Reports upon, the charities in those counties; but the Commissioners are not at present in a position to state what action will be taken upon those applications.