HC Deb 14 May 1891 vol 353 c691

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether in August last the Hendon Local Board applied to the Local Government Board for their sanction to borrow £4,500, to carry out sewerage works in the Low Level Station District; whether the Inspector of the Local Government Board hold a local inquiry on the 16th of October last; whether considerable delay has taken place in consequence of an objection made by the Local Government Board to part of the scheme, upon a point raised by the Inspector, and if it has since been found that this point was conceded by the Hendon Board at the time of the inquiry; whether the Local Government Board have repeatedly been informed by the Hendon Board that serious disease has in many cases arisen in consequence of not carrying out the sewerage works; and that in the opinion of the medical officer and the sanitary inspector a serious epidemic is likely to occur when warm weather comes; whether he is aware that the urgency of the scheme has caused the Hendon Board not at present to proceed with the loan for the Mill Hill district; whether, in consequence of the alarm which exists, a number of inhabitants have left the locality, and the value of property has depreciated; and, whether he will give immediate instructions to sanction the borrowing of the necessary loan?


I may state generally that several questions have arisen with regard to the application referred to. One of the points was as to the arrangements for the disposal of the sewage of a part of the district. The Local Government Board asked for information as to this in December last, on the 19th of February, and on the 14th of April. The Board received this information on the 2nd inst. Directions for sanction of the loan were given on the 9th inst., and the sanction has now been granted.