HC Deb 08 May 1891 vol 353 cc363-4

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with regard to the order of the Commissioners of National Education issued to all their teachers to fill a School Census in very elaborate forms, for the completion of which only two months are allowed, whether, in view of the fact that all this work has to be done out of school hours, and that the teachers will be deprived of necessary recreation, and opportunities of supplementing their incomes by private tuitions, any remuneration will be given for this work; whether a manager of a school in the City of Dublin (Mr. Duffy) wrote to the Board of Education in 1871, and demanded to know under what rule or regulation teachers can be compelled to work out of school hours without remuneration, and secured remuneration; and whether, inasmuch as the police are not only remunerated for Census work but relieved from all other duty, he will consider the advisability of granting some remuneration to the Irish National School teachers for the extra work imposed on them by this Census?


The Census Commissioners report that the School Census Forms for 1891 are precisely the same as those for 1881. No remuneration for filling these Returns is provided by the Census Act. There is a record of a national school teacher having refused to furnish the required Returns. He, however, subsequently furnished them, but was not paid for doing so. The constabulary do not receive remuneration for Census work. The only payment they receive is a subsistence allowance when they are necessarily absent from barracks for such a length of time as would, under the Constabulary Regulations, entitle them to it. No general instructions have been issued relieving them from all other duty. It may happen, however, in some instances that the Census work is so heavy as to prevent, for the time, their being available for police duties.

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