HC Deb 20 March 1891 vol 351 c1534

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he is aware that British vessels, and notably a ship named the Cape Breton, have been prevented by the Chilian Government from leaving Valparaiso for another port in Chili, for the purpose of loading a nitrate cargo; and if Her Majesty's Government will cause inquiries to be made in reference to this matter, with a view to prevent British vessels from being subjected to unwarrantable interference in pursuit of their trade?


A telegram was received two days ago from Her Majesty's Minister at Santiago, stating that the Chilian Government now refuse clearances to vessels for ports north of Chamaral. Her Majesty's Government do not consider that they can interfere with the discretion of the Chilian Authorities in regard to this matter. They have not heard of any attempt to prevent vessels by force from leaving Valparaiso for other ports in Chili, and they cannot doubt that such action, if known to Her Majesty's Legation, or to the British Admiral, would have been reported.