HC Deb 19 March 1891 vol 351 c1416

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for India whether the attention of the Secretary of State has been directed to the fact that Captain Drury, of the 3rd Goorkha Regiment, serving in Burma, has been kept under arrest for more than 10 weeks without being brought to trial, and whether this is in contravention of the Queen's Regulations; whether it is true, as stated in a recent telegram to the Times, that Captain Drury has been kept under arrest at the instance of high civilian authorities, on the ground that he has. refused to apologise for a communication which he is charged with having forwarded to the Rangoon Times, and whether he does not deny having made any such communication; whether he has. asked to be brought to trial, and why his requested is refused; whether he has now been released without any explanation being offered, and without being brought to trial; and whether he will be compensated?


The Secretary of State has no official information with regard to Captain Drury, who belongs to the 2nd, and not the 3rd Goorkhas. I have, however, observed from the reports in the ordinary channels of information that Captain Drury has been released.


May I ask whether he has any chance of obtaining compensation?

[No answer was returned.]