HC Deb 16 March 1891 vol 351 c1057

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether it is correct, as stated by Mr. Roberts, Secretary to the East London Licensed Victuallers' and Beersellers' Association, in a letter to the Morning Advertiser of 11th March, that it is "a notorious fact" that the Whitechapel district Abounds in she beens and bogus clubs where intoxicating liquors (generally of a most inferior quality) may be obtained at all hours; how many persons have been proceeded against in the Whitechapel Police District during the past year for keeping such places, and with what results; and whether, if it is the case that such places abound, he will instruct the police to take more active steps for their suppression?


I am informed by the Commissioner of Police that there are in all 20 clubs, established for various objects, in the Whitechapel district, but it is not within the knowledge of the police that these are bogus clubs. It has, however, come to the knowledge of the police that intoxicating liquor was being sold at private houses in this district, and special observation has been kept, with the result that proceedings were taken during the past year against 15 persons for illegally selling intoxicating liquors, and convictions followed. In addition to this, 26 persons who were found on such premises were summoned and convicted. I have called the attention of the Commissioner to the hon. Member's question; but I have no reason to believe that the police are otherwise than vigilant in the exercise of this particular duty.