HC Deb 09 March 1891 vol 351 c470
MR. BROOKFIELD (Sussex, Rye)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether, with reference to the seventh paragraph of his Memorandum relating to the Army Estimates 1891–2, he can state the general military policy upon which increases in the Establishment of Volunteer Infantry have hitherto been sanctioned or refused; whether, in view of the recent reduction in the numbers of enrolled Volunteers, any modification has been permitted in the observance of a due proportion of strength between the two principal arms of the Volunteer Forces; and whether he can conveniently state the ground, military or otherwise, on which any such modifications have recently been allowed?

*THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WAR (Mr. E. STANHOPE,) Lincolnshire, Horncastle

Increases in the Establishment of Volunteer Infantry have been granted or refused with reference to local requirements under the scheme of mobilisation, to the interests of adjoining corps, and to the probabilities of recruiting. Local defence considerations have been specially considered in every case in which increases have been sanctioned. Any recent modifications of Establishment have been settled on the basis indicated above.