HC Deb 12 June 1891 vol 354 cc298-301

May I ask the First Lord of the Treasury what will be the course of Public Business on Monday?


We have, first of all, to complete the Report stage of the Irish Land Purchase Bill, and to take the Third Reading. After that we shall be prepared to fulfil the promise I made to the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Derby in regard to Manipur. If the House concludes the Land Purchase Bill to-night, as I hope it may, we shall he prepared to give Monday for the Motion of the right hon. Gentleman; otherwise we shall have to go on and conclude the Land Purchase Bill on that night.

MR. G. OSBORNE MORGAN (Denbighshire, E.)

Has the right hon. Gentleman any idea as to when Supply will be taken?


Not at present.

MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton)

Is there any intention of taking the Third Reading of the Purchase Bill tonight? If the Third Reading is postponed until Monday, I hope the Bill will in the meantime be reprinted.


As I stated yesterday, we are under the impression that in all parts of the House there is a desire to conclude the Bill to-night, but if there is any strong feeling against the Third Reading being taken to-night we shall not press it. But I would appeal to hon. Members to have some regard for the convenience, not merely of Her Majesty's Government, but of hon. Gentlemen who have been taking an active part in the past discussion of the Bill.


I would ask the right hon. Gentleman to state definitely that the Third Reading will not be taken to-night. The right hon. Gentleman says that if there is any strong feeling against taking it to-night it will not be taken, and I think a good many Members would stay in the House in order to show that there is a strong feeling against that course. I really think the right hon. Gentleman had better put the Third Reading off.


I would ask the right hon. Gentleman to consider whether, under any circumstances, he would propose to take the Third Reading of such an important Bill as this on the same night as the Report stage?


I should not attempt to take steps in opposition to any strong feeling against the course which I propose. At the same time, I think it would be for the convenience of the House that the Third Reading of the Land Bill should be taken without delay.


Does not the right hon. Gentleman think that the views which have already been given expression to show that there is a strong objection to the course which he proposes?


I am aware that there is a strong feeling amongst some hon. Members against taking the Third Reading of the Land Bill on the night which sees the conclusion of the Report stage. I am aware of that feeling, and I bow to it.

MR. H. H. FOWLER (Wolverhampton, E.)

When does the right hon. Gentleman propose to make the Motion, of which he gave notice last night, for obtaining special facilities for the furtherance of Government Business?


Probably on Monday. I hope I may be allowed to express a desire that, if the Third Reading of the Land Purchase Bill is taken on Monday, and the Debate does not last beyond 8 or 9 o'clock, it will be found possible to take the Debate on Manipur. [Cries of "No."] I express that wish with a desire to forward Public Business, and I understand that there are only a limited number of Members who wish to take part in that Debate.

SIR G. TREVELYAN (Glasgow, Bridgeton)

In the absence of the right hon. Member for Derby, I must say that he always understood that a whole evening would be devoted to the Debate on Manipur. Moreover, there are a great number of Members on this side of the House who are exceedingly opposed to the Land Purchase Bill, but who have thought it their duty as Members of Parliament to leave the discussion in Committee and on the Report to those Members on both sides of the House who were on the whole in favour of the Bill, and I think it very likely that those Members to whom I refer will wish to take the opportunity afforded by the Third Reading of the Bill to protest against it.


Very well; I will arrange that the Third Reading shall be taken on Monday, on the understanding that the Report stage is concluded to-night. The Manipur Debate will then be taken on Tuesday, and the Factories Bill on Thursday.

MR. ROBY (Lancashire, S.E., Eccles)

Will the Government proceed with the Committee stage of the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill on Monday?


I hope to do so.


When will the Bill in relation to County Council Elections be taken?


I am unable at present to say.

*SIR J. SWINBURNE (Staffordshire, Lichfield)

Now that the Convention between Portugal and England is signed, will the First Lord of the Treasury have a map of South-East Africa, showing all the latest information in the possession of the Government, placed in the Tea Room?


I believe it will be possible to do so.