HC Deb 30 July 1891 vol 356 cc867-8

Resolutions [29th July] reported.

Resolutions 1 and 2 (see pages 646 and 674) agreed to. 3. "That a sum, not exceeding £390,986, be granted to Her Majesty, to complete the sum necessary to defray the Charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of March 1892, for the Salaries and Expenses of the Department of Science and Art, and of the various Establishments connected therewith.


There are two questions I recently asked in relation to this Vote, and I take the opportunity to recall them to the attention of the Secretary to the Treasury. I mentioned the mean and unsuitable character of the furniture in the National Library, Dublin, which does not harmonise with the permanent wood-work of the rooms; and secondly, the imperfect state of the supply of Ordnance Maps in the Library. As I mentioned, the only Ordnance Map of the City of Dublin is so old as to have only historical interest and it is useless for reference, for it would only mislead those who consult it. May I ask the right hon. Gentleman to give attention to these matters.


As to the furniture I cannot give any answer, but I take note of the hon. Member's observation. As to the maps, if I remember rightly, I was informed that it was usual to wait until sets were complete before renewing them, but I will refer to the matter again.

Resolution agreed to.

Remaining Resolutions (see page 690) agreed to.