HC Deb 27 July 1891 vol 356 cc403-4
MR. T. M. HEALY (Longford, N.)

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland if the Government is aware that since June, 1889, legal proceedings have been instituted in the County of Londonderry by the Salters' Company, London, against 250 of their former tenants (purchasers in 1886 under the Ashbourne Act) for the recovery of arrears of rent and interest due 1st November, 1884, and 1st November, 1885; that decrees in all cases were granted, and thus the Company have either obtained payment or hold decrees capable of being at once executed for £2,500; that, subsequently, Mr. John M'Guiggan, of Ballynagaire, appealed, and that Judge Holmes, at the recent Derry Assizes, reversed the decree; but, as no appeals are possible in the other cases, will the Government enforce the decrees still outstanding, or take steps to provide that the money already paid under threat of legal proceedings being returned to those 250 tenant purchasers?


I understand that it is the case that proceedings were instituted, as stated in the question, to compel compliance with agreements which the tenants had entered into. The case of M'Guiggan appears to have terminated in the manner indicated by the hon. and learned Member. The Executive Court have no power to interfere in any way in the matter.

In answer to a further question by Mr. T. M. HEALY,


Of course, I have no positive information to enable me to decide whether the appeal in the single case governed the decision in the other 249; but, whether or not, the hon. and learned Member knows perfectly well that it is a matter between the litigants themselves with which the Executive Government have no concern. Any representations on the subject from the 250 tenants should be addressed to the company.


Will the right hon. Gentleman address a question to the Salters' Company on the subject?


No, Sir; I cannot do that.