HC Deb 26 January 1891 vol 349 cc1026-7
MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton)

I beg to ask the Attorney General whether a political league violates the Corrupt Practices Act by providing free food and drink to voters at meetings called in support of a candidate, or where such candidate is present for the purposes of his candidature?


My hon. and learned Friend's reply is that the answer to the hon. Member's question depends upon the simple question of fact, whether there has been any intention of corrupting voters. No other general answer can be given, as the particular circumstances of each case would require investigation.


Assuming the facts to be correct, may I ask the hon. and learned Gentleman whether his attention has been called to the following statement, in respect to the action of a member of a School Board at a recent Parliamentary election: that this member of a School Board canvassed a person in the employment of the Board, in a building under the control of the Board, and threatened him with serious consequences if he did not vote for the Liberal Unionist candidate, and whether this conduct was contrary to the provisions of the Corrupt Practices or any other Act?


My hon. and learned Friend's attention has not been called to the statement contained in the question of the hon. Member; but, assuming that threats were in fact used in order to induce or prevail upon the elector to vote for a particular candidate, such conduct would, in my opinion, be contrary to the provisions of the Corrupt Practices Act.