HC Deb 26 February 1891 vol 350 c1688
MR. WALLACE (Edinburgh, E.)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General whether it is now a regulation of the Telegraph Department, That all telegraphists who are called upon to work on the four Bank Holidays shall, if it e impossible to give them another holiday in lieu thereof, be entitled to receive their ordinary pay on each holiday, plus extra pay at the same rate for the work performed; and whether he will say which are the four Bank Holidays contemplated by the regulation in its application to Scotland?


The regulation referred to by the hon. Member applies to Post Office servants generally (including telegraphists) in England and Wales. As the Statutory Bank Holidays in Scotland are different from those in England, I am considering to which days the regulation shall there be applied, so that the privilege accorded in Scotland may not be less than is enjoyed in the rest of the United Kingdom.