HC Deb 23 February 1891 vol 350 cc1359-60
EARL COMPTON (York, W.R. Barnsley)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether complaints have from time to time been received by the Local Government Board as to the insanitary state of the courts and alleys in Windsor; whether official inquiries were held into the matter; whether he is aware that with regard to South Place it was reported on 17th January, 1887, that Of 13 houses on the south side, 10 have no opening whatever at the back, no scullery, no closet, and no water but a tap at the end of the row. For closet purposes, the 65 dwellers in the 10 houses have to go into an open yard at the back of the opposite houses on the north side; and that the Inspector also stated that As for the houses on the south side, we see no way of rendering them tolerably habitable hut by demolishing every third house and converting its site into a yard for its neighbours, with a proper w.c. to each; whether it is a fact that these houses in South Place are practically in the same condition as in 1887; and whether, under these circumstances, the Local Government Board will order the Local Authority to proceed under Part II. of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, in accordance with the provisions of Sub-section.2, Clause 31?


Inquiries have been held by Inspectors of the Board with regard to the sanitary condition of courts and alleys in Windsor. I am informed that since January, 1887, considerable improvements have been made in South Place. On the north side six houses have been provided with additional sculleries and back doors, and with windows at the back. Ten new water closets have been erected, and six old ones re-constructed. An additional water supply has been provided, and also new dust-bins; and the paving of the yards and the drainage have been improved. As regards the houses on the south side, nine have been improved by match-boarding and the under ventilation of the floors, and through ventilation has been secured by means of grid ventilators on the staircases where back windows have not been provided. The 11 houses on the south side are now occupied by only 46 persons; and as the Medical Officer of Health is of opinion that the water-closet accommodation cannot now be declared inadequate, he does not advise that some of the houses should be demolished for the purpose of making such provision. As regards the action which it is suggested that the Local Government Board should take, I am not aware that any representation by four or more householders has as yet been made to the Sanitary Authority under Section 31 of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890; and assuming that any such representation has been made the Board have not received any such Petition from the householders as would empower them to take any proceedings in the matter.