HC Deb 12 February 1891 vol 350 cc493-4

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland what steps were taken to recover from Mr. Percy Magan, J.P., for the Counties of Ross-common, Westmeath, and Wexford, the amount he was alleged to have obtained under the Arrears Act of 1882 by false representations; what amount, if any, has been recovered, and in the case of what tenants; what amount of rent was sworn by Mr. Magan to be due by these tenants up to 1st November, 1881; what is the actual amount which has been found to be due; whether any inquiries have been made as to whether money may have been similarly obtained in the case of other tenants on the same estate; has Mr. Magan's conduct in this matter been brought under the notice of the Lord Chancellor; does he still hold the Commission of the Peace and act as a Magistrate; have any steps been taken to prosecute Mr. Magan and recover the penalties provided under the Arrears Act; and in how many cases have prosecutions under the Arrears Act been instituted; what were the charges, and what was the result?


I must ask the hon. Member to postpone this question till Monday.