HC Deb 03 February 1891 vol 349 cc1624-5
SIR WALTER FOSTER (Derby, Ilkeston)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether his attention has been called to the statement that in a communication from the Commissioners of Woods and Forests the people of Billing borough were informed that Sir Nigel Kingscote as— At present advised would not be disposed to grant to labourers allotments which, either in themselves or with other allotments now held by them, would exceed half an acre, whilst, under the Allotments Acts of 1882 and 1887, Charity Trustees and Sanitary Authorities may be called upon to provide allotments of an acre; and whether it is in the power of any Department to evade the intention of the law by declaring that where the land in a particular district is under the control of the Commissioners of Woods and Forests the labourers shall have only half an acre each instead of the acre they might have demanded had the ownership been invested in Charity Trustees or private individuals?


In answer to the hon. Member, I have to say that there appears to be some misunderstanding as to the action taken by the Commissioners of Woods and Forests. The quotation made is not quite complete, and, as a matter of fact, the land which has been appropriated for allotments by the Commissioners of Woods has not been limited to plots of half an acre; on the contrary, where applicants could show that they could satisfactorily deal with the larger quantity, plots of one acre have been allowed. The Commissioners of Woods have never shown any desire or intention to evade the law; in fact, I believe the management of the property in charge of the Commissioners of Woods will compare favourably for liberality with any other estates.