HC Deb 03 February 1891 vol 349 cc1627-8
MR. JOHN KELLY (Camberwell, N.)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether the exceptional promotions of specially meritorious clerks of the Second Division of the Civil Service to the higher grade of that Division, made under Clause 6, paragraph 2, of the Treasury Minute of 21st March, 1890, depend in any way upon or involve any change of organisation, but simply require the recommendation of the heads of Departments and the sanction of the Treasury; whether he can state how many Second Division clerks have been recommended by the heads of their various Departments for such exceptional promotion, and the dates of such recommendations; and whether any decision has been arrived at by the Treasury in these cases?


A few applications have been received for an examination of Class I. of the Civil Service, and this is not wonderful, since the Government have not permitted an examination for Class I. to be held for more than four years, insisting that vacancies in that class should be filled by such measures as the transfer of redundant officers. I do not admit that the hon. Member cites the Report of the Commission correctly; but, however that may be, we shall, in deciding upon these applications, bear the recommendations of the Commission in mind, carefully considering the necessities of the case, and satisfying ourselves whether redundant officers, qualified by age and acquirements for transfer to other offices, are available.


I beg to ask the First Lord, of the Treasury whether certain Departments of State are at the present time urging that an examination for clerkships (Class I.) in the Civil Service should be held in order to fill up vacancies in the First Division; and, if so, whether it is intended to hold such examination in spite of the fact that in the Report of the Civil Establishments it is repeatedly pointed out that the higher branches of the Civil Service are over-manned, and that there are at present plenty of redundant clerks to fill any existing vacancies?


I observe that this question is almost identical in terms with a question put by the hon. Member to me on the 27th ult., and I cannot add anything to the answer I then made.